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Client Testimonials

Having Deb's coaching was a game-changer for our family!

With compassion and confidence she stepped into our struggle,helping open our eyes, our hearts, and our hands to each other at a time when our patience was continually being tested to the very extreme, and when we were pretty sure one more day of frustration would break us.  Thank You Deb! There's more joy than ever in our home.

Christinia and Garth

Debbie has great insight, and has shown me new ways of thinking about and talking with my children.  I could see positive changes in my family after my first session with Debbie.  Debbie has encouraged me and challenged me, without judgment.  Debbie is so easy to talk to, and has made a difference in my family relationships.     Mary A.

Debbie Brown makes a significant impact on families.

She has an innate gift for motivating  young people

and their parents to improve communication and their interactions with one another.     Mary KB.

"Life Coaching is a co-creative relationship working together to find the

best solution to your problem."

Kids in Crisis

Bring peace back in to the home as your child begins to show respect and demonstrate personal responsibility while learning to make informed decisions

Coach training is geared toward equipping parents with skills to help the child.

  • Creating empowered parents   •  Bringing peace back into your home
  • Teaching your child to solve and manage their problems as you become the best therapist they will ever need
  • Watch your child as he/she takes personal responsibility for all of their actions

Couples in Crisis

Increase passion and decrease stress as you and your partner join forces and support one another in many areas of life igniting a spark of emotional intimacy

  • Master your relationship
  • Reduce stress in your relationship
  • Be team oriented
  • Love, laugh and play together


There is life to be lived after trauma that can come in many forms, such as death, divorce, loss of health, long time friendship or even a career loss.

  • Healing the past while focusing on the future
  • Healing while grieving
  • Creating coping skills that work for you
  • Looking for a brighter tomorrow

Session Information

Each session you will bring an agenda to the meeting.  I will guide as you find the answer that best fits your needs. Coaching will take place in a private place, face to face, or by phone. If needed, you receive follow up support by phone or email on the weeks we do not meet.

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